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Some practice areas and services

Support of investment projects
  • legal support of investor’s corporate structure establishment in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • assessment of legal risks in the investment projects implementation;
  • support of corporate procedures in the process of investor's operation;
  • preparation and support of agreements and other documents as part of investment projects implementation;
  • participation in negotiations with investor’s partners (counterparties) in connection with the issues related to the investment projects implementation;
  • protection of investor’s rights and interests in relations with authorities and local governments during investment projects preparation and implementation;
  • representation of investor's interests in possible disputes with partners (counterparties), state bodies, other persons;

Real estate and construction
  • advice on legal issues related to real estate construction;
  • legal support of clients' activities pertaining to the organization and conduct of construction business;
  • advice on construction licensing, permits issue and the application of construction standards and technical regulations, etc.;
  • legal expertise and legal support of real estate transactions, including those concerning land;
  • protection of interests of real estate market entities in public authorities;

Subsurface use and energy
  • advice on obtaining subsurface use right, as well as on the energy legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • legal support of issue, re-issue, renewal of licenses and permits for the subsurface use right, as well as for operation in the energy sector;
  • advice on taxation of subsurface use entities;
  • legal support of clients' operations during subsurface use and energy projects implementation, including the preparation of necessary legal documentation;
  • representation of clients' interests in relations with public authorities, local governments and other persons.

Corporate practice and M&A
  • • legal support of mergers and acquisitions;
  • • due diligence, including comprehensive audit of corporate governance structure;
  • • advice on the choice of the form of incorporation for the legal entities being established in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • • legal support of procedures related to the establishment, reorganization and termination of legal entities having various forms of incorporation; support of bankruptcy procedures;
  • • creation and termination of operations conducted by the branches and representative offices of legal entities;
  • • legal support of the activities conducted by corporate governance bodies (General Shareholders Meeting, Board of Directors, Management Board, etc.)
  • • advice on corporate disputes resolution.

Commercial practice
  • verbal and written advice to clients on business organization and development, as well as on any other legal issues;
  • drafting of contracts;
  • analysis of contracts, preparation of legal opinions;
  • legal support of transactions;
  • participation in negotiations on any issues related to clients' activities;
  • advice on taxation, customs clearance;
  • representation and protection of clients' interests in relations with public authorities, local governments, other persons;
  • pre-trial dispute settlement (claim settlement);

Banking and financial practice
  • legal support for the establishment, registration, reorganization and licensing of banking, credit organizations, professional actors in the securities market, and other financial organizations;
  • preparation of loan agreements and security agreements (collateral, guarantee, etc.);
  • legal check of credit legal relations entities, including legal review of documents on collateral and other security; preparation of legal opinions based on the findings of such reviews;
  • legal protection of clients' interests in public regulatory bodies pertaining to the matters of registration and licensing;
  • advice on the regulation of operations conducted by banking, credit organizations, professional actors in the securities market, and other financial organizations;
  • legal support of financial services transactions;